Saturday, July 03, 2010

More pictures of Caroline

more pictures are on our Facebook pages. she continues to be just a super-good baby! eating well, sleeping well, and even a smile every now and then (from a full belly). we couldn't be happier!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Caroline Taylor

she's here! 7 lb 4 oz. 20 inches long. mom and daughter are doing great!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So much for July 10th!!!

we found out at our Dr appt Tuesday that Brooke had progressed alot! she was 3-4 cm and 60% effaced. so, Dr. Barron said, "When do you want to have this baby? Wednesday or Thursday?" :) so we chose Thursday (because i was scheduled to be off that day anyways).

so, i was expecting to come home and be anxious for the next 2 days with Brooke, when she greets me with "i think i'm cramping..." well, the cramps started getting regular, but not severe. so, we called our after hours on-call number, and they told us to come up to the hospital for observation.

so, we get to the hospital, and Brooke is thinking that this was a major false alarm. i go and park the car, and when i get back to the room, Brooke is hooked up to the machines. after about 30 minutes, the nurse says, "we want to keep you overnight to watch you". little did we know, the fun was just about to begin. :)

not long after, Brooke started having stronger and stronger contractions. soon, it was on like Donkey Kong! at about 2:00 am, Brooke finally got her epidural (after she had progressed to 5.5 cm and 80% effaced). now, she's feeling so much better!

so, we're hanging out at the hospital. it's 3:45 am, and Baba and Pepaw (Brooke's parents) just got here. Kelly has been here since close to midnight. we're hunkering down for the morning!

keep watching our Facebook page for updates. thank you for your continued prayers!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nursery Pics

{above and below} AWESOME paintings by our sis-in-law, Cindy-Lou

so sorry for the long delay! we got the finishing touches on Caroline's room last week when my Daddyboy helped me put up the crown molding. that girl had better LOVE her room after all we've done to it.

plus, you might be able to notice that these pictures might seem to have a different quality. we invested in a new digital camera (with which we took these pics). our old camera ate AA batteries like Brooke eats Snickers Ice Cream Bars these days. :)

as you can see on the right of the blog page, we've got less than 2 weeks till Caroline gets here! we've got another Dr. appt on Tuesday. we'll do our best to keep everyone updated, either here or on our Facebook pages. thank you for your continued prayers!!!