Friday, March 06, 2009

It's been a rough week...

i learned on Monday that my childhood best friend tragically passed away. after a long battle with bi-polar disorder, he took his own life Monday afternoon. today, brooke and i attended the funeral in Macon.

it's tough to comprehend what someone with severe bi-polar disorder experiences. i never saw any signs of the disease during our childhood years, but it apparently manifested itself soon thereafter. he had spent alot of his recent years "sowing his wild oats", but recently had returned to church and his first love. as recently as Sunday, he had recorded a prayer where he prayed for strength to live his life for God and for forgiveness of sins. when Monday came around, he apparently hit one of his severe lows and wasn't thinking clearly.

he was a faithful Christian who was a HUGE influence in who i have become. i'm so thankful that he is finally at peace. please keep the Sparrow family in your prayers.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Let it snow!!!

we woke up to a white world this morning! i got up and got my shower at 7:00 am like normal. i didn't even start to think about how it was supposed to snow overnight. brooke had said something about it maybe snowing, but in typical Williams fashion, i said, "i'll believe it when i see it!" well, i saw it!

at first, i just wanted to stand outside and watch the snow fall. then, i had to start walking around in it. then, i couldn't help myself.....i went inside and changed, and played in the snow like a kid! brooke and i had a snowball fight, and then we made a mini-snowman. yes, those are raisinets and a baby carrot for the nose.

we didn't have much trouble getting to church this morning. the roads were a little slushy in places, but not bad at all. our numbers were down at church (only 37 for bible class and 56 for worship), but it was still great. Randy Lyon was our fill-in preacher for Mel (he's at a Gospel Meeting today). he always does a good job. after church, we had a glorious snowball fight outside. way fun.

a big highlight this weekend was that Ben and Amy Boyd came back to visit! they were members with us at Shades Mountain for 4+ years while in pharmacy school. they have since moved back to Florida. this was their first time back to visit. it was so good to see them again!