Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bama coaching situation.......

Alright, here are my thoughts on the coaches rumored to take over at Bama:

Steve Spurrier - he's got too much of a good thing going at South Carolina. He's only been there 2 years, and he's establishing his system. I don't think he wants to live under the shadow of the Bear.

Nick Saban - the Dolphins are winning now, so I highly doubt he'll be the man. He seemed pretty direct when he disspelled rumors about him going to Bama. That being said, a pilot friend of mine claims he saw Saban boarding the Miami Dolphins jet Sunday afternoon in Birmingham. so.....

Greg Schiano - i don't think he's a good fit. He's got a good program set up at Rutgers. Plus, he's only been good this year. I think Mal Moore wants more than just one good season.

Jim Grobe - again, only one good season. He's 69-67-1 in his tenure with Wake Forest. That doesn't sound like championship caliber to me.

Paul Johnson - an intriguing possibility, but I don't believe his triple option style will mesh very well with Bama's players right now. I LOVE the triple option; we just don't have the personnel to run it. It does bode well in his favor that he won national championships at GA Southern and beats his big rivals at Navy.

Jeff Tedford - personally, I consider this to be the gem of the group. He's young. He's proven. He's an offensive juggernaut. He's known for turning college QB's into Heisman candidates (Joey Harrington, David Carr, etc.). He turned a 1-10 Cal team into a national contender in 3 years. He's probably the best long term option in the group. I haven't heard much clamor about him on the internet, but I hope Mal Moore will pursue him. He's my personal choice.

Regardless of who we get, they need to stay for a while. They need to be successful and loyal to Bama. Let's just hope this won't hurt recruiting.