Thursday, October 23, 2008

New House Pics

finished basement that will one day become the "man cave" or some other catchy name.

one of our out-of-date bathrooms that needs new flooring, wallpaper removed, painted, new toilet, etc.

yes, that is lime green shag carpet!

here's the prettiest view of the house. we can touch up the inside, but the brick was a big plus for us!

more pics will come later as the remodel progresses....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In the infamous words of Lloyd Christmas.....

"We're there!"

we have officially closed on both houses. we have moved 95% of our belongings to our new house. and we are wore slap out!

a big thanks to everyone who helped us this last weekend in the move (some both days): big red, ethan, jason, nolan, and rick's parents. things went great because of ya'll pitching in and helping. it's great to have good Xn friends.

email me if you need our new address, or check our facebook profiles.

we hope to post some pics soon. our internet hasn't gotten hooked up at the house yet (i'm posting from work between patients). so be watching for more updates as we undergo "the great remodel"!!!