Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Caroline's first 2 weeks

we can't believe that Caroline is already 2 weeks old! our new life with Caroline has been interesting so far:

1. Sleeping - so far so good. she's sleeping well at night overall. we let her get good and full from the last feeding of the day, then wrap her up in a double-swaddle, and put her in her swing. most nights, she'll go 4 hours before we have to wake her up to eat! then, after her overnight feeding, she'll usually go right back to sleep until morning. we've also found that she prefers to sleep on her stomach, but we don't let her do that overnight. we'll let her sleep on our chest during some daily naps, and she sacks out!

2. Eating - so far so good again. Brooke has done a great job with nursing Caroline. she'll eat every 3 hours during the day on the clock.

3. Diapers - also pretty good. a few times, we think she's been a little constipated. it's so funny how excited we get about poopie diapers now! ah, the life of a parent! Caroline isn't the biggest fan of getting her diaper changed. she's not really fussy from dirty diapers, but doesn't like getting changed.

4. Baths - not a fan at all! she's bad enough when we have to strip her down to change her. she's even worse when she's totally stripped down and getting a sponge bath! her cord hasn't fallen off yet, so we can't get her fully wet just yet. maybe she'll get into it more when she can splash around some.

5. Smiling - getting better every day. she hasn't smiled at anything we've said or done yet, but she will smile on her own after feedings. it just makes that dimple on her left cheek jump out! plus, she does giggle some when she's dreaming. we can't wait until we can make her laugh!

6. Outings - awesome! we took Caroline out to church on Sunday (July 11th) for both services, and she did wonderful! we fed her right before we left, and she just sleeps in her carseat (which she seems to like so far). we even got to go out and eat with our church friends after church Sunday night, and she just hung out! she also got to go to her first VBS last night at Shades Mountain!

7. Visitors - Brooke's mom (Baba) stayed with us for most of the past 2 weeks as we got acclimated at home. she was SUCH a BIG HELP!!! she would hold Caroline, sing to her, help get her to sleep, let us sleep, let Brooke get a shower, and be a HUGE encouragement to us. thank you, Baba! we also have had so many visitors from church come see us! so many have brought food and gifts! we are so blessed to have so many good friends and family!

8. Hiccups - most every day. she had them alot in the womb as well. and it has carried over to outside the womb. it seems like it would bother her, but she seems fine....just annoyed. maybe she'll outgrow those soon. :)

i'm sure i've left off something, but hope it gives you an update on our new life! we've been so blessed with such a sweet, contended little girl, and we thank God everyday for letting us raise her!

stay tuned. i promise we'll post as much as we can.