Friday, May 23, 2008

Almost ready to sell...

we're still feverishly working to get our house ready to sell.  we painted the last bedroom monday night.  we changed out all the old doorknobs tuesday night.  we put all the extra clutter and knickknacks in the attic wednesday night.  i was off on thursday, so my dad came up and helped us all day long (thanks again, dad!).  we pressure-washed the house (words cannot explain how much better it looks....see pictures below), fixed sticking doors, caulked, painted the garage door, and did a little bit of everything.  

our realtor is coming by today (friday) to take pictures and get it listed.  on top of that, we'll spend all night tonight getting ready for our garage sale saturday morning.  phew!

here are some pictures to give you some idea of how things have changed.  you can click on the picture to give a much larger, more detailed view.  picture #1 is the neutral color we did in all the house.  picture #2 is how the old wood siding looked before pressure-washing (the far left side where the ladder is resting had already been washed).  picture #3 shows the newly painted garage door and the richer brown color of the wood siding after being washed.  picture #4 is me and my daddy at the end of the day.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Whirlwind weekend

we are still catching up from a busy weekend.  brooke had to work all weekend, and i was busy getting the house projects finished.  on saturday, a buddy from church helped me fix a leaky spicket outside.  another guy from church brought me some used garage door panels (our bottom section was almost rotted completely through).  so, sunday afternoon, i replaced that bottom section.  as you can see in the picture, it's not the right color, but a quick coat of paint on the whole door will fix that.  

if you've not pieced the puzzle together, we're trying to get this house ready to sell.  we found a house in Hoover that we like and are getting a great deal on.  we just have to sell this one in Alabaster.  so, keep us in your prayers that we can find a buyer quickly.  

by the by, we're having a yard sale this saturday morning.  if you live in the area, spread the word!  EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!