Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The "Missing Link"?

brooke asked why i haven't posted anything recently. honestly, not much has been going on. my dad did come and help me work on the house last thursday. that guy is a machine! he worked really hard. thank you, daddyboy!

i took my stitches out friday night. that was interesting. i'll be keeping my goatee for a while until my chin completely heals.

one of my favorite websites recently is www.drudgereport.com. it's a news website that stays pretty current on the latest breaking news. i stumbled across this story, claiming to find the "missing link".

before you go any further, click on that link and read the story. i'll wait.

okay, welcome back. it's amazing to see the so-called "scientific" community clamor over this "discovery". they go as far as naming this the 8th wonder of the world. they laud this as a find that Darwin "would have been thrilled" to see. the gentleman in the video boasts, "people once asked where the link between humans and apes was....now we have it!"

this sounds like "Lucy" all over again. you remember Lucy, right? the latest proposed missing link that rocked the creationist view? fortunately, the truth came out, showing that this fossil was crammed into an evolutionary timescale that it couldn't possibly support, based on the facts.

it's amazing how all the media stories cram the evolution/Darwin view down our throats. they'll get one shred of data that might possibly support their view, and they run with it like it's iron-clad. you've probably seen plenty of shows on The History Channel to know that.

i'm afraid the media can be blamed greatly for evolutionary views and even the uber-popular global warming campaign. one of my favorite Michael Crichton books is "State of Fear". it highlights the agenda that ultra-environmentalists push.

so before you shudder from this earth-shattering discovery of a proposed missing link, realize that God has already told us the truth of where we came from. and realize that the majority of media members are likely atheists who would like nothing more than to spite Christians everywhere.

btw, this is just my crazy idea of how to explain why things look like there is an evolutionary pattern. bear with me:

according to Genesis 2:18-20, God tried to make a suitable helper for Adam. in my mind, He tried making a bird, but that didn't "suit" him.

then, He tried a cat, but that still wasn't good enough. then, a dog, but "man's best friend" wasn't a suitable helper.

then, He tried a chimpanzee. close, but still not right. then, maybe an orangutan. then, a gorilla.

so, maybe He kept making adjustments as He went, trying to make a suitable helper for Adam, until He decided to make Eve from one of his ribs.

so maybe that's why things seem to follow an evolutionary pattern, b/c God made things in a certain order or sequence as He was searching for a suitable helper for Adam.

clear as mud, right? :)