Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nephew, Dinners, Beards, and Trees

brooke's brother Brandon and his wife Cindy have welcomed their 3rd child into the world!!! Nick Hammond Pressnell. brooke got to go visit them just after he was born.

our senior members at church (50 years old and above) hosted a special dinner for us in early March. they wanted to serve us a dinner in return for the annual Senior Member Appreciation Dinner we always do for them. it was so much fun! the theme was "Back to the Future". so we all dressed up in 50's and 60's attire. they really outdid themselves!

for the past 2-3 months, i have worn a full beard. i don't know what really made me grow it, but i kept telling people that i had to grow it to keep warm this winter. this is by far the longest i've ever worn a beard, and today, it came off. i know you're excited, mom and dad! i had a little too much fun with the transitions, as you can see below:

i'm also trying out my green thumb a little. i've never been much of a gardner or planter, but i decided to plant a peach tree in our front yard. so far, it looks like it's taking well. i can definitely see the growth since it's been planted. it may be a few years before any peaches develop, but i think it will be a nice addition to our yard.