Friday, January 16, 2009

A little perspective....

one of my favorite announcers of all time is David Feherty, the PGA tour announcer with a thick Irish accent. even above how cool is accent sounds, he's hilarious. i stumbled across this article on Yahoo! Sports today. he was speaking about how he's interacted with some of our soldiers overseas. here's a quick shot:

"But every soldier I've talked to - there, at Walter Reed [Army Medical Center], anywhere else - I've yet to meet a soldier, a sailor, or a marine who hasn't said, "I want to go back." It doesn't matter how badly they're hurt, they still want to get back with their team. That's something you don't hear on the six o'clock news.

Back here, I've tried to do what I can. In July, I did what I called "the IED of golf" up in Chevy Chase, Maryland. We took 36 amputees out on the course that day. One of them stepped up to the ball on the first tee, hit it 240 yards. Let me tell you, it was the greatest shot I've ever seen, and I've watched Tiger Woods the last 12 years.

There was a Green Beret who wanted to walk with me, was on two prosthetic legs. Had just gotten ‘em. The first day, he walks 12 holes, and I'm just stunned by this guy. No self-pity, such courage and dignity.

The next day he comes back and says he wants to walk all 18. I'm saying, "This is Congressional. Sure you want to don't want to ride in the cart?" A buddy of his leans over to me and says, "It's easier to be the Pope than to be a Green Beret." I got the message.

So this guy is walking with us, his stump is bleeding, he's falling over a couple times. But he wasn't embarrassed, he just popped back up. And As he's walking, I'm thinking, I've got these kinds of people fighting for me. That's what makes me do whatever I can. These guys are American royalty, warrior princes, and we ignore them or humiliate them by making them suffer through things like sitting with their stumps exposed while they're going through airport security. Come on!"

we should stop and be thankful for our troops who do for us what we might never dream of doing for someone else.

Happy Birthday Sophia!

my niece Sophia will turn 3 years old next week! i have to work this Saturday, so we can't make the party! :( we hope you have a great 3rd birthday!!!

our house stuff is coming along. our dining room is near completion. we've primed the trim, and all we lack is the final high gloss coat, and it will be done! we primed the foyer yesterday, too. so we'll try to paint that soon. pictures will come eventually!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Look Dining Room!!! Pictures!!!

don't get too excited! we're far from over, but much further than we've been! this weekend, brooke and i finished spackling and sanding the walls in the dining room. so we primed the walls last night. this afternoon, we stopped by Lowe's and got our paint and painted the walls! the color looks alot better in person than on the pictures. we've still got to paint the trim and windows white, but we're thrilled at how good it looks so far!!!

you can see above how well the primer covered our spotted wall.

it looks great!!!