Friday, April 25, 2008

My favorite current TV show....

i feel compelled to encourage my ABC network fans to do whatever it takes to try out "The Office" on thursday nights on NBC.  i know that "Lost" is a big hit, along with "Grey's Anatomy", but let's face it: those are just soap operas that run at night.  i realized that about "ER" a while back, and it's never been the same since.  

so to my friends, family, and colleagues across the aisle, i implore you to check out some episodes of "The Office" on NBC's website.  once you've gotten the lay of the land, visit for some zingers of episodes gone by.  you can select any episode from any season, and even vote on your favorite.

here are some of my favorites:

Dwight Schrute - "The eyes, are the groin of the head."

Andy - "They say you should never mix business with pleasure.  Really.  Then explain to me how a putt-putt golf company operates."

Michael Scott - "Business is like a jungle.  And I am like a tiger.  And Dwight is like a monkey that stabs the tiger in the back with a stick.  Does the tiger fire the monkey?  Does the tiger transfer the monkey to another branch?  Pun.  There is no way of knowing what goes on inside a tiger's head.  We don't have the technology."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back up to speed...

since it's been forever since i posted on here, i figured i'd update everyone as to what's new in our lives.

one of my last posts was almost one whole year ago.  i had just finished tiling our kitchen.  that has turned out okay.  i have had one tile crack on me, and the trim still needs some attention, but i'm pleased with my project overall.

we've done alot more updating since then.  we recently repaired some settling cracks in the doorframes and repainted the living room, the upstairs hall, the dining room, and the kitchen.  we also touched up the doorframes and chair rails.  it's looking very nice now.  we've still got some improvements to go, though.

brooke is doing fantabulous in pharmacy school.  she is almost finished with her 2nd of 4 years at Samford's pharmacy school here in Birmingham.  this was supposed to be the most difficult year of school, but she's done awesome so far.  she has about 3 weeks left before she's done for the summer.  she may sleep for a whole week....bless her heart...she's so exhausted.  she still works with Publix pharmacies, just not 20 hours a week like she did her first year.  

brooke recently completed a 10K race in Mobile, AL.  i'll post pics and an entry about that soon.

i currently work 3 days at my practice at a Sam's Club Optical in Homewood, AL.  then, i work 2 other days at a private practice in Cullman, AL.  it's been good to split my time between such opposite settings.  it helps me understand the needs of both entities.  i play softball every monday night with a church team.  i'm addicted to fantasy baseball.

we still go to church at Shades Mountain church of Christ.  our group there has really grown recently.  we just finished our spring gospel meeting.  we're planning a senior member appreciation dinner in late June, VBS in July, and an area wide youth rally in August.  so we'll have a busy summer.

my parents moved to Montgomery about a year and a half ago.  they have loved being so much closer to all us kids.  especially the grandkids.  be patient, Mimi and Pa; we'll contribute when brooke gets out of school!  :)

that's been our life the past year in a nutshell.  keep posted for more pics and updates soon.
ICURIS - Reloaded

so here goes another shot at blogging.  thanks to everyone for giving me another try.  in the past, i've drifted away from regular blogging for one of two main reasons:

A. i haven't taken the time to sit and write, and

B. i don't think we're quite interesting enough for regular blogs.

here's what i mean:  i absolutely love the life that brooke and i have for ourselves.  God has blessed us beyond what we deserve.  we've been able to avoid tragedy and have been well taken care of for our entire marriage.  i get up and go to work.  brooke gets up and goes to school.  we come home, eat supper, watch TV, and go to sleep.  okay, maybe we're not that monotonous, but our lives are pretty care-free at this point.  

maybe i'm just not good at realizing the crazy things that are happening all around me that make life interesting.  so, that being said, i'm gonna give it another go.  

i was inspired by my sister kristi's recent blog about the wild things that some of her clients have told her.  so here's a short list of the things i've experienced in my almost 3 years as an optometrist:

1.  our eye charts at work have both letters and numbers.  the numbers are designed to denote which line the patient is reading (20/20, 20/40, etc.).  the 20/25 line reads: "A P S O 2 5".  if patients are struggling to get the first 4 letters, i'll usually encourage them by saying, "the last 2 on this line are numbers...".  i'll feel good, because i've just narrowed their selection pool from 26 to 10.  you would not believe how many people respond, "okay...that's Z and S...".  

2. while working as an optician before optometry school, i was dispensing my first pair of glasses to a young boy.  his mother asked if i had already "put the medicine" in the glasses.  

i thought for a second, and said, "actually, there isn't medicine in there....the lenses just bend the light to help him see better."  

she responded, "so you put the medicine in there already?"

i said, "yes ma'am." 

thanks for reading.  i'll try my best to put up new entries at least once a week.