Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bathroom update

you may remember our rotted subflooring from where our shower pan was leaking. well, i had to remove it and another large section of subflooring that was damaged. so, i needed to use my saw. i don't have any earplugs, so i made my own little get up, seen below. i took a headband of Brooke's and stuffed 2 socks over my ears. and of course, i had my old racquetball goggles for eye protection. i told Brooke, "i should invent a helmet that would protect your ears and your eyes..." hmm....maybe i'll work on that one day.

so in the next 2 pictures, you can see the 2 pieces of 1/2 inch plywood i put down. brooke was worried that i would fall through the open floor, but i didn't. :)

so the next step is to put the new sheetrock on the walls. i have 2 larger pieces to place in where the former shower was. i will put 3 pieces of what's called "greenboard" around the tub (seen below). it's supposed to be better for areas where water might get through to it. you can see where our new copper pipe has been run up for our new shower head. and, you can see the recessed light we just got put in.

so we're making progress!!! woohoo!!! we just started on the office in the front of the house that we will refer to as "The Bama Room". stay tuned for pictures soon!