Friday, January 23, 2009

reflections on society

okay, maybe it's just me. maybe i'm overly-attuned to the changing social/political landscape. but i can't believe where this society is heading.

first off, and worst of all, President Obama has taken measures to repeal the ban of federal funding for abortions. this will lead to thousands of Americans choosing to be irresponsible because they can always just abort the baby later. it's unbelievable. it's disgusting. it's murder.

on lesser notes, we can't even win a game anymore without worrying about someone's feelings getting hurt. a girls basketball game ended in a shocking 100-0 score. kudos to the winning team. to the losers, you need to learn how to beat the trap and make a layup. that should have been the end of it. but NO! parents and administrators to the rescue! now, the winning team will probably forfeit the win and make a public apology! you think i'm kidding? check the link above.

and finally, you've heard the commercials. you've seen the special programs. by now, you know what is going to happen on February 17th, 2009: TV will make the switch to Digital. the government has offered rebates for converter boxes. the local news stations have been warning us for seemingly 2 years. but today, the announcement comes that we'll have to put that on hold until June 2009. why? because some households haven't gotten ready for the switch. i could care less if my TV input was analog or digital. but it bugs me that we seem to be bending the plans and desires of all to appease the irresponsibility and fragile egos of the few.

whatever happened to personal accountability?

whatever happened to "what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger"?

whatever happened to being responsible?

we were taught to enjoy the gift of sex in the context of marriage only. we were taught that a baby in utero is just as alive as a baby in your arms. we were taught that sometimes people are better than us, and we have to work harder instead of tearing down their accomplishments. we were taught to do certain things by certain times in certain ways or have to deal with the consequences of our actions.

in this age of "bailouts", i can't think of a way we could get bailed out of this mess we're making.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

One room down!

i mean, what a "before and after"!!! the only things we lack are the new flooring and new curtains. those will come soon. but the dining room is now usable again! doesn't it look so much bigger???