Monday, August 10, 2009

hey brooke! i updated the blog!!!

my lovely wife has been beckoning me to update our blog. i have yet again become a slacker and fallen back on my posts. kinda like i tend to do on reading my Bible. here's to August resolutions!

so, alot has happened since our anniversary:

**i got to observe my Granddaddy's cataract surgery in Montgomery (thanks Dr. Swan!)
**we had our first 3-night VBS (versus our traditional all-day-Saturday VBS) that ended up being a success
**i went golfing with my in-laws in Decatur (me, Mr. Nicky, Chris, Brandon, Chad, and Cade). most importantly, i beat Chris. :)
**brooke and i took a vacation to Gulf Shores (thanks Jerry and Brenda!). Mark and JP came and stayed a few days with us at the condo....we literally laughed our faces off.
**i got a 2006 black Toyota Tundra that i have nicknamed "Rolando" (pictures will come soon)
**we had a birthday supper with my sister Kristi here in B'ham. her husband Scott surprised her with a birthday weekend getaway, and instantly raised the bar for the rest of us husbands. thanks Scott!
**i had the most unbelievable steak in my entire life. if you live in B'ham, find a way to go to Ocean and get the filet mignon. thanks Dr. Schaeffer!
**i became a part of history on Monday, August 3rd. our wonderful county (Jeffferson County, AL) has closed every branch office for car tag renewals except for the main courthouse downtown. this is a political push to strong-arm a new occupational tax. i stood in a line so long that i thought i was waiting to see Moses. after 3 hours of waiting (and moving only 20 yards in line), i decided to come another day for my new truck tag. next time you see a Jefferson County politician, shake their hand for the mess they've made. actually, just shake them.
**we are ALMOST done with the master bathroom. i know i've been saying that for weeks, but all i lack is rehanging the door and installing crown molding. it is entirely functional, though. and that's what counts.
**brooke had the month of July off from clinics. that's what enabled us to take a vacation and let her go to Maywood. now she's back on her rotation at the Poison Control center for the month of August. she'll be in Virginia for the entire month of September, so i'll be posting a signup list soon for who can bring me food. :)

so there's the scoop on our lives the past 6 weeks! i hope to get some pictures up soon. thanks for hanging with my inconsistencies.