Monday, January 04, 2010

Xmas 2009

we had an awesome holiday season! for Xmas, we visited with Brooke's parents. it was so good to see all of the family. here is a video of our nephew Gage singing White Xmas.

we spent New Year's Day with my family in Montgomery. my sister Casey and her family couldn't make it, but Kristi and her family were there.

things are still going well with the pregnancy. we are just over 13 weeks (i think), so the 1st trimester is almost over. it's sinking in more and more that we're about to be parents. being around our nieces and nephews over the holidays has made us SO much more aware of the demands of parenthood. we're thankful for the examples of our families and our Christian friends as we plan to raise our children up right.

here's hoping Bama can pull through Thursday! it would be so awesome for our seniors to go out on top after coming in at such a low point of the program. RTR.