Friday, October 15, 2010

Caroline's doings at 3 months

we have been so blessed with our little girl. she really is amazing. i know every parent thinks their child is the best baby ever, but i can produce a pretty strong case for ours so far:

*i have to give alot of credit to using Babywise as our guide for her. it has helped us be on a schedule of feeding, wake time, and sleeping during the day. that has really helped us figure out her cries and needs.

*she started sleeping most of the night at week 5. at this point, we do a ritual most every night. i give her a bath at 8:45ish, dry her off, put on her pj's, and pass her off to mama for her last feeding of the day. last night, we put her down at 9:45, and i'm here typing at 5:45 am with her still asleep in her room! i can't imagine how tired we would be if she wasn't such a good sleeper!

*Caroline is a really happy baby. she smiles at us alot. we have made it a point to talk to her constantly. for example, usually after a feeding, we burp her and take her to her room to lay on her changing pad. we'll change her diaper (if needed) and then just sit and talk to her. she'll smile and coo back....this is where we've practiced Dada, Mama, Baba, Pepaw, Mimi, Pa, I love you, etc. it just melts my heart when i can come home from work and get down on the floor with her, and she'll recognize that it's me and just smile!

*here i go jinxing myself, but she hasn't really gotten sick just yet. she's been snotty some with the weather changes, but hasn't had an awful cough or a fever or diarrhea or an ear ache. we've tried to be preventative with using the humidifier if she's congested. i'm sure it's just a matter of time, but she's done really well so far.

*it's looking like Caroline will be a very social person....she can entertain herself on her play yard mat, but she'd much rather be sitting in your lap talking with you. it's not that she really whines or fusses when she's not with someone, but you can tell how interactive she wants to be with people. we love that!

*she loves when we: blow raspberries with our lips, smack our lips, blow on her face, show her herself in the mirror, clap her feet together, clap her hands together and say "Yay!", make her dance, cradle her to get to sleep with her passy.

i hope there aren't too many typos up there. i just took some meds about 30 minutes ago, and i'm getting drowsy again. so forgive me for any obvious errors. :)

here's a picture from her 1 month photos. we're planning on some more photo shoots soon. she's already changed so much!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, babe! I agree, we are so blessed with such a wonderful daughter! I love our family!! :)

Mom said...

Such a sweet post! Hope that you are feeling ok today. The pic of Caroline at the end is precious! I have probably seen it before but love it!! See you late Saturday or early Sunday! Can't wait to hold that little daylily!