Sunday, October 03, 2010

Caroline Update - 3 months

so sorry for the hiatus. i've slacked on my home improvement projects as well. so i promise i'm not just neglecting my blog. i'm neglecting everything except my family. :)

little Miss Caroline is amazing. she's such a good, happy baby. we've been using the BabyWise book as our general guide, and we've had great results. it's helped get her on a schedule of feedings and sleeping. that's saved us alot of headaches trying to figure out what's causing her to cry (which is usually not that often at all).

in the past month, she's really coming into her own. she's smiling ALL THE TIME. after eating, we usually will take her to her changing pad and talk to her. she will try her best to talk back to us, but all it sounds like right now are babbles and high-pitched squeals. :) but she will talk up a storm. after talking for a while, we usually put her under a play yard on the floor where she can watch and play with some toys. she has been reaching with her LEFT hand! Baba is so excited (a fellow lefty).

she's recently found herself in the mirror, and she'll just smile and make faces at herself.

we went to visit my mom's parents in Fort Deposit a few weeks back. we got a 4 generation picture while we were there.

Caroline loves cheering for Alabama in her jersey that Aunt Laura gave her!

Daddy is so silly! i think Caroline was a little scared here. :)

okay, when i said Caroline loves football, i wasn't joking. she'll lay on her stomach or on her side watching football just like this every Saturday. and it's mainly just football. she's not really a big TV person otherwise. here she is, watching Bama put a whoopin' on Florida! Daddy would have been in the picture, but he was at the game live! :)

i took this picture of her today while Mommy took a nap. isn't she just the sweetest little girl ever???? :)


Mom (Mimi) said...

Well, she certainly ranks right up there with her cousins Kate and Sophia!! She is such a sweetie!! I love your updates, Rick! (and Brooke!) So glad you enjoyed the game, was GREAT! Give that sweet baby a kiss for me....she is a beautiful little daylily!!!

Jennifer Crow said...

So glad you finally updated your blog! I love the pictures. That's awesome that she loves football, I'm so proud! Miss you guys!

Keysgal@QuietWater said...

I love the pictures, especially the one in Fort D with GG, your mama, you and Caroline. She is growing so fast. Keep enjoying each moment. They pass so fast. Looking forward to seeing all of you at Thanksgiving. Love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Caroline is just beautiful and I've heard that she is such a happy, good baby! Like Aunt Pat said ... enjoy every moment ... because before you know it ... the song on this blog (I Loved Her First) will be playing at her wedding!

Love you!

Aunt JJ

Ashley said...

I love the picture with GG mama. What a great picture of you all. Caroline is so beautiful. Really hoping I get to meet her in November.